The story of Isaac and Rebekah is one of the greatest love stories in all of Scripture. It is the story of a father’s love for his son, a servant’s love for his master, a young man’s love for a beautiful woman, and a beautiful woman’s love for a lonely man. It is a story of miracles, grace, mercy, and providence—of promises fulfilled and nations born.

This story begins in Genesis 24. Now an old man, Abraham is seeking a bride for his son Isaac, who is almost 40 years old. His conviction is based on God’s promise to him: “I will give this land to your children and your children’s children.” Abraham appoints his most faithful servant with the task of traveling to his birthplace—a journey of over 500 miles—to choose the bride from his own faith rather than have Isaac marry a local Canaanite woman.

The servant puts his heart and soul into this mission and devises the perfect test to find a suitable bride. Enter Rebekah. Scripture says she is beautiful, vibrant, hard-working, and determined. But what was this “test,” and how did Abraham’s servant know that she was the one? What exactly did she say to him?

After the servant lavished Rebekah with the gifts and treasures sent by Abraham, he explained the story of Abraham and Isaac to Rebekah’s family. Then he let them decide if, indeed, God had led him there to choose Rebekah. How did they react? And what three words did Rebekah say when she finally responded?

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