Meet author and ophthalmologist Dr. James Croley, who shares the concepts in his latest book, The Blinding of America. He explains what he means by “pure vision” and offers suggestions on how to acquire it. Dr. Croley says, “We are in big trouble in America today because we are going blind—not 20/20 blind, but spiritually blind.” We allow ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren to become addicted to using today’s flatscreens, so much so that it has become dominant in shaping our perception of the world.

In this digital age surrounded by flatscreens and 24/7 access to everything online, we face many challenges—as Christians, as Americans, and as parents and grandparents. But we can look to America’s foundational beliefs to gain spiritual vision to counter today’s increasingly secular worldview.

In this episode of Dialogues, Dr. Croley presents many practical tips on how to help ourselves and our families stay engaged and safely navigate this world of constant access. He shares his insights, medical training, and experience to challenge Christians to develop a more profound spiritual vision and pass it on.

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