Moses has held a fascination with believers for millennia. Hundreds of years before the families of Jacob migrated to Egypt to escape famine, the children of Israel flourished there because of Joseph’s influence and prosperity. But this came to an end when a new pharaoh took the throne. Afraid of their growing population, he puts slave masters over them and worked them ruthlessly through forced labor and oppression.

It was into this Egypt that Moses is born, the son of Levite slaves. His mother even had to hide him for the first three months of his life. So this great hero of the Bible had very humble beginnings. However, this quickly changes once God’s miracles begin on the River Nile and His plan for Moses begins to reveal itself.

The story of Moses is complex and illuminating. God places him exactly where he needs to be, all the while preparing him to lead Israel’s great liberation and exodus from Egypt. But Moses’ journey is wrought with emotional conflict and rage as he witnesses the suffering of his people and does the unthinkable. Filled with fear, he flees Egypt and finds respite living a shepherd’s life in the land of Midian. But this peace does not last; God has other plans. His real purpose for Moses is about to be introduced—through an amazing vision and an amazing conversation.

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