Conversations: What Is Truth?

What is truth? Pilate asked Jesus this question, and 2000 years later, we are still asking it! We need to agree on the foundational principle of truth to discuss significant issues like faith. A typical attitude among youth today (college age and younger) is this: “I’m glad Christianity is true for you. It’s just not true for me; I follow my heart, and I have my own truth that is true for me.” To continue the conversation, common ground on the definition of truth is needed before you can discuss faith. Truth must be grounded in reality, so the foundational ideas we have about truth must be supported by evidence.

Apologist Michael Bossman, from Y2 Believe, continues leading us on a journey of learning how to engage in meaningful discourse about our faith. He hopes to help us involve others in meaningful discussions about our faith without feeling uneasy or awkward. These “Conversations of Consequence” are brief dialogues that often tether specific facts from history, philosophy, and science with Christian beliefs rooted in Scripture.

In this episode, we learn how to formulate questions to connect with others in discussing the concept of truth. How do we know if our heart is telling us the truth? Are our feelings leading us toward truth or falsehood? Can there be different truths? Is that even possible? You can learn how to engage your family, friends, and acquaintances in conversations that really matter. It IS possible. Through active listening, we can connect with others and expand our relationships while spreading the truth of the gospel.

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