Joshua is truly one of the great heroes in Old Testament history, but we actually know very little about him biographically. We first meet Joshua in the book of Exodus as a lieutenant under Moses. A man of great wisdom and strength, Joshua was the one Moses could depend on to carry out his orders.

Out of all the people of Israel, God ordains Joshua to be the successor to Moses. It is said of Moses that there never had been and never would be again another leader like Moses. How do you follow that?

But God tapped Joshua on the shoulder. Like Moses, Joshua is also called “a man after God’s heart.” He was known as a great warrior and a great administrator, but also as a spiritual leader. Joshua would etch onto tablets reminders of the 10 commandments so Israel would not forget God’s law. He leads them into spiritual renewal. Like Moses, Joshua calls Israel to be faithful and always remember their covenant with God and the teachings about obedience that God gave them through Moses.

Joshua’s character is the embodiment of strength and courage, the strength and courage that come only from faith. After great battles or miracles from God, Joshua had the habit of building stone altars. Find out why… and what Joshua thought was the most important thing to remember about God.

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